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This is Ben. Ben came to us a little over a year ago with a goal of losing weight and strengthening up. Every strength...

Posted by Hungry 4 Fitness on Tuesday, 23 February 2016









I started training with Misty around 12 months ago or more longer, I was doing boxing with my daughter inlaw we both thoroughly enjoyed it, I was sick of the same stuff at the gyms day in day out and also the gym atmosphere and I guess i was looking for something different and also someone who could be kind and gentle when needed and also strong and push me when I needed that also (which is most of the time) I found Misty to be both of these and her classes are lots of fun and different all the time, I'm now also doing PT sessions with Misty where she definitely gets the best out of me. If you want someone that really understands what a women really needs in the search for health and fitness then give Misty Fit a call you'll be pleased that you did.



People often ask me why I'm ashamed of my body because I'm "skinny" but just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I am not ashamed & lack self confidence but thanks to Misty Fit I am getting my confidence back! I've got muscle I never thought I'd have. Slowly but surely I am getting there. I may complain about her and her music is just all wrong but I wouldn't go anywhere else




Misty. You're a legend. I would never have gotten this far without you and your support and sincere empathy and flexibility. I look forward to a stronger fitter 2016 with you.










Some of you know me from boxfit on Tuesdays and boot camp and strength class on Thursday and here is my story. We all do everything for a reason and that includes exercise. I do it because if I didn't I would become the 99kg extremely unhappy woman I was not so long ago. Bad lifestyle choices saw me gain massive amounts of weight and it took alot of work to loose 17kg. Unfortunately health issues and medication saw me gain over half that back. I will never be thin but I can tell you since meeting Misty I am so much stronger and I believe in myself because she does.

Misty is real. She understands and stands beside you not just barking instructions at you and that's why I keep going back no matter how crappy I may feel that day. Excuses lead to more excuses and then it's back to square one again. I WILL NEVER BE BACK IN SQUARE One because I have awesome support with Misty Fit and I will keep coming back to be fitter and stronger in my 40s then I have in my previous decades.

I don't often share these "before" pics but it reminds me who I will not be again (pic 1 and 2). The 3rd pic is me now (I even wear dresses now).





Misty is a great fitness Instructor. I have been to several gyms and seemed to lack motivation, each and every time. I started from one simple little visit. I signed up to a weekly PT session. From here I also committed myself to doing the boxfit class on the Tuesday night. She taught me how to use my core, synchronize my breathing with my core and I discovered muscle I had never used before. I was amazed with how much you can do in such a short time. I have become more aware of my body’s muscles in everything that I do. I have even learnt and continue to learn that even small movements in exercises and stretches to my body are important. I take the classes every week because I enjoy the workout.




Misty has helped me find time for myself again. I am stronger, and gaining more confidence in what my body is capable of. Classes are always challenging and fun, and PT is just the same. If she puts something to you that you just can't quite do, she'll amend it, and work on it until you get there. She's also quick to adapt your session if it's not working - I've trained with her for 2 minutes and she said 'stop, let’s put the gloves on', and it was exactly what my body and mind needed! Couldn't recommend her more highly!


Over the last 5 months I had lost 26kgs but I found my skin was a bit saggy so a friend said you should come to hungry 4 fitness and do boxfit classes with me which then lead to boot camp and weight classes. I have only been going for about one and a half months but I am already seeing muscle definition in my legs and arms and I haven't seen that since my early twenties. Thanks Misty Fit for pushing me every week









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