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There is no 'one size fits all' with personal training. Inside Hungry 4 Fitness, everything you require for training is at hand, even privacy. The sessions are tailored for you, and you alone.

Expect to be challenged. Expect to succeed. Expect the unexpected.


2 week Kickstarter is continuous from first session booked Valid for 1 person for 1 on 1 training New clients only





Tell me about your family?

Are we a whole unit at home, or separate lives coming together for a common goal?

Doesn’t matter. At Hungry 4 Fitness. We understand that family is thicker than water and your relations need special attention.

Training sessions with the family will encourage togetherness through individuality.


They say,


The family that trains together,

stays together.






Working out with your friends is more fun. You get instant satisfaction knowing your mates are feeling just as much pain as you are. The commendatory of completing a personal training session with friends is rewarding. Accomplishment as a shared emotion is a great power to be a part of.


Motivation, commitment and accountability.

Do you have special friends you want to sweat it out with? Prepare to be pushed outside your comfort zone with them.



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